Why use natural stone?

Natural Stone is one of the oldest and ancient building material being used on earth. Not only because of its beauty and diversity but, also for many practical reasons.


Worldwide Natural Stone has been chosen as the material for lasting projects. Temples, churches, palaces, fortifications and monuments build thousands of years ago are proof of the durability of the material. It is for a reason that natural stone is found everywhere where people build for eternity.

Timeless monuments

The pyramids of Giza (Egypt), The Wailing Wall (Israel), Acropolis (Greece), Machu Pichu (Peru), Angkor What (Cambodia) are just a few examples of man made constructions that were meant to last.


Due to its durability, the low energy need in the production, and the inexhaustible supply, natural stone is one of the most sustainable building materials. In comparison to materials such as steel, glass and ceramics, the energy need in the production process is very low.


With al least 20.000 different kinds of natural stones being sold internationally, this is not even taken into account the stones that are only locally used. It is by far the most varied material available. Natural stone is the most varied material available. Almost all colours, shapes and textures are possible.

Class and style

Ranging from a rough rock to a very detailed statue. It might range from a classical to super kitsch. It can all derive from the same stone.


Natural stone is available in all price ranges and can often compete with other materials. Especially in the long run, natural stone is a very affordable material.


Around the world there is a tradition of stone craftsmanship. Skilled craftsmen keep a tradition alive. Using thousand of years old and new skills. Everest stone relies on this expertise and supports the education of local talent.

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