A massive column with several drilled holes to accommodate urns. After placing the urn the lid, with or without inscriptions, will be glued into the opening. The Columna can be planted as a forest or for example, placed in a so called Stonehenge circle.


Rough, simple and open. The urns are placed in the cut out niches. Each column has a different shape, has it’s own character. The height can vary from 1400-2200mm. We also offer this model with exact fitting rectangular stone or metal (bronze or stainless steel) urns.


Our most simple model. The ash remains can be put in the cavity, which can be sealed with an exactly fitting lid.Truncus comes in different heights (400-1200mm) and diameters (300-500mm). The individual models can be grouped, to enable a family to be together forever. Texts can be sandblasted or carved in the lid.


Cabinets made from massive basalt columns. The shelves are made from 50mm thick planks of basalt. Urns can be put loose, or glued, in the niches.  Amarium is available in different models. With or without top. With 4, 6, 9, 12 or more niches. Also, we can supply much bigger ones, both with straight and trapezoid shaped shelving.


In addition to our monuments, we also supply outdoor furniture meant for eternity.

Also rough, low maintenance and affordable. Together with you, we can make total designs.  Benches, birdbaths and stepping-stones.
All naturally sustainable 


A passage that vibrates peace, nature and strength.
The connecting beams can me made from both wood or stone. Over grown with ivy it is an even more impressive sight.


Pillar with 2 crosses cut right trough the stone. This model has several variations. Different sizes, with a rough or flat top, honed or polished.      

In the lower part of the pillar there is a vault for the placement of an urn. This space can be sealed with a  stone lid.

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