Everest Stone is specialized in monuments and outdoor furniture made from rough basalt columns.
It is natural, organic, rough shaped, ever lasting, affordable, and unique

We have recently moved to a bigger location in Amsterdam. All our monuments are now on display. You are very welcome to visit us.

Our monuments

Our monuments for are subtle and natural. They blend into the surroundings as they have always been there. We have designed alternatives for the available polished granite monuments and concrete columbaria. In order to make our products available for a large group of customers, we have decided to produce our products in Asia. To maintain our high quality standards, we buy directly from selected quarries and check each item before it is shipped.


Our products are designed modular. You can start small and add when needed. Thus big investments are not needed to begin trying our products.

Outdoor furniture

Next to our products for cemeteries and crematory, we also carry a line of outdoor furniture. It is natural, low maintenance, indestructible and very competitive compared with products made from other materials. Most projects are closely developed together with our clients and partners. We take safety, minimum maintenance and durability very serious when making a plan.
To give you an idea, a traditional bench in a park is mostly constructed from concrete or cast iron and wood. All materials need different maintenance once in a while. In the long run though, these costs add up and after some period of time, the product needs to be replaced. A bench made from massive natural stone will not only look solid, but it will in the end be more economical due to durability and lack of maintenance.
We make custom designs with logos, prints, text (poems) or what ever you like.

Quality mark

All products that have passed our quality tests are fit with individually numbered bronze coin.

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